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Top Things to See in London in a Day: Westminister Abbey, Coca Cola London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Beyond - Exploring the Best of London by Nashville Barcelona Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

Well, London. You might as well say that red is definitely its colour. :) Red phone booths, red buses, red accents on walls, royal guards in red... it really does suit the vibe of this intriguing place. Believe it or not, even if you have a layover in London for one day or only have a short stay in this top of the line city, it is very possible to see some of the biggest sites in a day. 

Big Ben, best restaurants in London by Best Nashville European photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

These giant double decker tour buses are most definitely the iconic "London" look. 

top uk wedding photographer emily Anne from Nashville Barcelona

Almost everywhere you turn in London you'll find absolutely gorgeous architecture - it is a city filled with history and these old, magnificent cathedrals and churches you can find every few blocks throughout this gorgeous city- they are definitely fun to photograph. Can you imagine having a wedding inside -- or outside these crazy cathedrals? 

gorgeous church Westminster abbey UK by Nashville European travel destination wedding photographer

We walked down past Westminster abbey and were pleasantly surprised to find royal guards on horses standing their ground - so neat. :) Be warned - Big Ben is under construction and, just like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, it won't be completed for a while so it is almost unrecognizable right now and a bit disappointing. 

UK London England Royal Guard by Top European Wedding Photographer Barcelona & Nashville Emily Anne

We took a stroll through Hyde Park on the way to Buckingham palace and met plenty of these little friends along the way. Hyde Park very much reminds me of the parks in London, Ontario Canada. 

The best of Hyde Park by Photographer ducks in Hyde park, day to relax in England UK  Emily Anne Photography (photo art)

We knew we had reached Buckingham Palace as soon as we saw these gorgeous golden gates glimmering in the sunshine. 

Buckingham palace royal gates things to do in london- visit the queen

I am certain the Queen of England would have asked me to tea if she was home, she just must have been out doing her "queenly" duties. ;) 

gorgeous shots of London England best of London to explore

Again, if you do decide to see London, you can hit all these iconic points by walking, starting at Westminster, going to Buckingham Palace back across the bridge past St. James Park and crossing over onto the London Eye Bridge and over to the Natural History Museum by the fountains. 

The Big Ben & The London Eyes - top things things to do in London England
natural history museum London UK must visit! European photographer recommendations

What is a trip to London, UK without a picture inside a red phone booth!? 

engagement photography ideas in London UK classic red telephone booth pics in London Uk - things you must do Emily Anne Photo Art!
London countryside shoots by Little Venice by London UK Photographer Emily Anne based in Nashville

I heard this quote and couldn't resist... 

I’m leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it’s not raining.
— Groucho Marx
Westminister Abbey on the water top things to see by UK Barcelona Nashville Wedding Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

Little Venice is a lovely little part of England further to the North! Absolutely gorgeous & there are lots of little shops to check out and brunch places- basically, London is the capital of brunch.  

Little Venice London England by Best Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art Nashville Barcelona wedding and portraits
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