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Nashville wedding photographer and senior portrait photographer Emily Anne's Photo Art (photographic services) captures and documents the beautiful images she takes along with writing. Only the BEST will do!

Beautiful Bohemian Wedding at Allenbrooke Farms in Franklin by Wedding Photograher Emily Anne

Madison + Jeff wed on a gorgeous October day at rustic venue The Barn at Allenbrooke Farms. Though they are both from different corners of the States, they met shortly after both had moved to Nashville. Tennessee was the perfect place to make their vows on their special day. Madison was a beautiful Bohemian bride and looked absolutely stunning in her soft, romantic gown. This couple are a match made in heaven! Allenbrooke Farms did a phenomenal job hosting + coordinating for this gorgeous couple, and helped make their simple + natural wedding dreams come true!


Madison wore a fitted, short sleeve lace wedding gown by Claire Pettibone. The Bohemian design complimented Madison’s free-spirit and looked absolutely glamorous on her! 931 Beauty Co and Go Gorgeous tag teamed her hair and make up to complete the look- so elegant!

The Ladies


The ladies in Madison’s bridal party looked elegant in mismatched muted bridesmaid dresses. Their gorgeous bouquets by Belles Fleurs tied the whole ensemble together with an autumn flair. These florals are the perfect finishing touch!

best wedding photographer in nashville the bridal party picture at Allenbrooke farms by best wedding photographer Emily Anne

The Gents


Jeff and his guys looked pretty dapper in their navy suits and maroon ties. ZZ Top definitely had it right- “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man”!


The Details

Invitation by  Minted .

Invitation by Minted.


The Final Touches


The Ceremony


The Reception

Dance like you just got a dance partner for life!
best dance partner at wedding
fireworks at wedding

Congratulations Madison + Jeff!! May you have many happy years to come!

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Regal Classic Wedding with Pride and Prejudice Feels at Allenbrooke Farms in Franklin by Wedding Photographer Emily Anne

Here is a lovely sneak peek of Steven & McKenzie’s stunning classic wedding at the gorgeous rustic venue Allenbrooke Farms in Spring Hill Tennessee. Doesn’t it look like something straight out of Pride and Prejudice with the foggy overcast soft tones?! I most certainly think so!

dreamy pride and prejudice ethereal wedding photography shot by top Nashville wedding photographer Emily Anne Photo Art at AllenBrooke Farms in Franklin
I am the happiest creature in the world. Perhaps other people have said so before, but not one with such justice. I am happier even than Jane; she only smiles, I laugh.
— Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
top wedding cakes; best Nashville wedding photography Emily Anne Photo Art shot at Allenbrooke Farms in Franklin TN Spring Hill

Isn’t this cake just purely decadent!? I absolutely love it!! <3 And the flowers add such an elegant yet soft classic touch to the cream cheese frosting.

gorgeous bridal portraits natural beauty by Emily Anne Photo Art wedding photographer in Franklin Emily Anne at classic rustic look Allenbrooke Farms

Beautiful Mckenzie, isn’t she absolutely a radiant bride!? Positively glowing ready to marry the love of her life!

trendy best classic minimalist wedding table decor and classic wedding color scheme by wedding photographer Emily Anne photo Art at Allenbrooke Farms

I absolutely this trendy wedding color scheme —- the dark rich reds and blues along with vibrants and shades of neutral greens and earthy wood are timeless.

Natural Model Skiles' Senior Portraits in the Best Part of Downtown Franklin by Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

Downtown Franklin was the best location for this gorgeous photo shoot with senior Skiles! We had so much fun finding the top nooks and crannies to create the most beautiful portraits. Skiles’ did an excellent job and the photos turned out AMAZING. I mean, just look at this natural model!

top senior portrait photographer Nashville Brentwood Franklin Emily Anne Photo Art ravenwood High school
Best portrait and senior portrait model artist photographer Nashville tn Emily Anne photo art

Skiles’ Waggener is a senior at Ravenwood High School in the Nashville area. When she’s not killing it on the volleyball court, she’s involved in her church theatre group! It’s no wonder she’s great behind a camera!

natural candid posing for senior portrait photography by best Nashville portrait and wedding photographer Emily Anne

Skiles’ shoot was absolutely breathtaking, with gorgeous sunlight and textured walls, making it an urban + nature blend success!

best candid photos by top Nashville portrait senior portrait photographer - Ensworth Ravenwood and BGA photographer

Portrait Photographer Emily Anne uses natural lighting in her photography style, creating an authentic and life-like image. Skiles’ was absolutely radiant in the this natural setting- look at her glow!


As Estée Lauder said, “Confidence breeds beauty”. Skiles’ floored us with her confidence and ability to be truly herself on camera. She was such a joy to photography, and we are so excited for all that she will set out to do!

Easy Daytrips from Barcelona: Hiking Montserrat Spain and Visiting The Abbey Santa Maria Portraits By Nashville/Barcleona Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Montserrat  is a multi-peaked rocky mountain range located near the city of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. The largest most beautiful peaks are Sant Jeroni, Montgrós, and Miranda de les Agulles. The largest peak is where this beautiful abbey called Santa Maria de Montserrat that has the most well known boy's choir & the well known statue of the Black Virgin Mary. 

Top Barcelona Nashville Portrait/Wedding Photographer Montserrat Best places to travel from Barcelona by Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

Look at these lovely pics of the gorgeous Rhea who attends Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and is studying through the liberal arts program in Spain! 

top senior portrait/wedding photographer fotografa Emily Anne Photo Art Barcelona Nashville
top day trips from Barcelona by portrait wedding photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

Seeing the boy's choir of Montserrat- el coro de ninos de Montserrat was a really special treat. If you go, try to go during the weekdays and they perform at 1 PM Monday through Friday. It truly felt like listening to the voices of angels. 

coro de Montserrat de nines; boys choir Montserrat Spain best Barcelona Nashville photographer emily Anne photo art

Fun fact, the most famous architect in all of Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi, modeled his famous Sagrada Familia based off this mountainous range with the unique curved shapes. I wonder if anyone has had a wedding up here? The mountain range is so beautiful it would photograph perfectly. However, since it is quite the hassle to get up so high, I would assume that this would be a better place for a more intimate ceremony or elopement. 

best Barcelona Nashville Vanderbilt elopement wedding  photographer shots of Montserrat mountainous range peaks -gorgeous views
best portrait wedding elopement fotografa retratos Emily Anne Photo Art Barcelona Nashville Montserrat Photographer mountain range things to do hiking

Honestly one of my favorite parts about the entire experience was getting to sample all the fresh cheeses (goat, sheep too so I could it them), honey & tourrons from the local vendors! And we got to try fresh honeycomb- SO delicious. That along with candied pecans made a wonderful snack on the mountain. :) 

best honeycomb eaten on top of Montserrat near the basilica de Maria by portrait fotografa photographer Nashville & Barcelona
best food photographer Nashville Barcelona; fotografa de comida Emily Anne Photo Art honeycomb eating fresh food at Montserrat tourism

There are a couple of gorgeous hiking paths & if you take the "easier" one you can walk over to this beautiful view of the mountains and viewpoint of Catalonia, you can even walk up until the cross to get the best advantage point. 

hike till the cross of Montserrat; places to visit when you're in Barcelona; day trips
Adventure is worthwhile
— Aesop

If you are in Barcelona for at least 3 days, I would highly recommend making this easy day trip to Montserrat from the city! The view is 1000% worth it. Thank you, CIEE for this experience. 

best adventure travel pics by Barcelona portrait photographer Emily Anne photo art
rocky mountainous Montserrat explore day trips from Barcelona hiking Montserrat fotografa
Explore Montserrat Easy Daytrips from Barcelona by Nashville Portrait Wedding Photographer Elopement weddings on Montserrat
top portrait photographer Nashville barcelona best of Barcelona and Montserrat
top portrait photographer fotografa Vanderbilt Nashville Barcelona Montserrat rocky peaks
Model Portrait Shoot in Vacay Destination Candelarias, Tenerife in Canary Islands by Nashville and Barcelona Portrait and Wedding Photographer Emily Anne

Absolutely loved this moody portrait shoot on the shores of Candelarias, Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It's so beautiful!! If you need a destination vacation spot in Europe - go to the Canary Islands. 

beautiful model portrait shoot tenerife Canary Islands emily Anne photo art

Look at this gorgeous beauty on the beach - she's got that relaxed beauty glow! 

stunning top portrait European photographer Canary Islands tenerife Nashville Portrait Photographer

A little flip of the camera - on the other side for a change haha :) 

best model photography emily Anne photo art tenerife Canary Islands photographer
gorgeous rugged tenerife best places to go in europe by Emily Anne Photo Art

Andrea is seriously such a natural in front of the camera. Also, the beaches are different on each island and since Tenerife is volcanic, most of the beaches are black rock. However, you can find sandy beaches black & white in the south and further in the northern part of the island. 

top posing gorgeous shots on the islands Emily Anne Photo Art

Forever in love with this view of palm trees & the beach & constant warm weather. 

Happiness comes in waves.
— Anonymous
amazing vacation destination Europe Canary Islands tenerife by destination wedding photographer emily anne photo art
top posing for portrait photography best photographer tenerife Canary Islands by Nashville Barcelona Europe emily anne photo
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Beautiful Clara Oakes West High School Knoxville Senior Portraits in Franklin Tennessee Frothy Monkey By Nashville Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

We had such a lovely time photographing the beautiful Clara! ;) She came from Knoxville to get her portraits done and she is absolutely radiant inside & out! 

west high school Knoxville top senior portrait photographer Emily Anne photo Art Franklin Brentwood Nashville TN Frothy Monkey

Her outfits were super fun & she had a perfect variety of elegant, classy & urban and fun! 

fun senior portrait ideas outdoors what to wear senior portraits Emily Anne Photo Art Nashville Franklin

Clara is about to graduate from West High School in Knoxville this year. Not only is she graduating Class of 2018 but she also is AMAZING and will be graduating with her IB diploma. I know how much hard work and dedication it takes to be an IB student so it is a really big deal!

senior portrait photographer west high school Knoxville Nashville Brentwood Franklin Emily Anne

So fun doing her some of her images inside Frothy Monkey in Downtown Franklin. She's the absolute cutest. Congratulations Clara on graduating and I'm so excited to see what all you do in the future - whatever you do you will excel!! 

hipster senior portrait photographer Knoxville west high school coffee shop pics frothy monkey Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Ar
How to Make Authentic Paella: A Lesson from the Paella School in Valencia, Espana by Nashville Portrait & Wedding Photographer Emily Anne

Valencia is known for their paella- Spanish paella originated here, so you know they know what they're doing. This paella was honestly the best I have ever had- I don't think any other place in Europe, or in the world, for that matter could compare. 

top Nashville food photographer ingredients to make the best paella in Valencia Spain by Portrait Photographer  Emily Anne Photo Art

Our Liberal Arts Program at CIEE had the privilege of attending the official Paella Escuela in Valencia, Spain to learn the art of cooking paella. Even though you can find paella in just about any part of the country of Spain and even around the world now, there is really an art to cooking it that the Valencians have mastered. 

paella escuela valencia emily anne photo art
fresh vegetables to make paella de conejo y verduras
best paella Nashville food photographer Emily Anne Photo Art
cooking paella at paella school CIEE in Valencia Spain Emily Anne Photo Art European Photographer Barcelona Fotografa
cooking the best vegetable paella valencia authentic photographer food European de expand
best fine art food photographer Nashville Barcelona making paella in Valencia food closeups fresh verduras frescas
cooking paella in authentic Spanish paella school CIEE program autentico cocinar paella valencia espana con Ciee
making paella from scratch
best vegetable paella made authentically in valencia Spain by Nashville Barcelona food photographer
cooking paella school of paella in valencia Spain emily anne photo art
best things to do in Valencia Spain mejores cosas hacer juntos en Valencia España

Yes it's really as fun as it looks! Making paella is not just about the final product, it is an excuse to get friends and family together to have a great time cooking, snacking, laughing and just being together and the final product is a wonderful bonus. :) 

best candid cooking pictures Europe cooking class in valencia Spain by Barcelona Nashville portrait photographer Emily Anne photo Art

We were given wooden spoons to be able to make our own paella one day. I do plan to attempt making Paella when I get back to Nashville but I doubt it will turn out the same. I will give it my best try though. Thank you, CIEE for this amazing opportunity! 

final product making the best paella emily anne photo art emily Macleod
Tour of Valencia Spain During Festival de Las Fallas By Nashville Barcelona Portrait & Wedding Photographer Emily Anne

We had the privilege of going on a weekend trip to Valencia Spain through CIEE Study Abroad Program. The weekend our group went we ended up having perfect weather (as you can see) and were also able to see the Las Fallas. 


Everyday at 2 PM as part of the festival tradition for a month, fireworks went off in the city center plaza- some of the loudest fireworks I've ever heard, or for that matter, felt. 

las fallas fireworks fuegos artificiales

We had a small but fantastic group all from the CIEE Liberal Arts Program for the weekend! 

best of CIEE Barcelona travel weekend trip Valencia Spain; valencia group tour fun weekend

Valencia is well known for their oranges and mandarines - driving through the countryside you can see acres of orange tree groves. 


The architecture in Valencia is beautiful & the guided tour of Valencia was so interesting to learn the history of this popular city. 


If you didn't know, Valencia is the home of the Paella. We had the privilege of going to a paella school where they taught us the art of making paella - if you would like to see how to make paella- click HERE

valencia Spain paella making school Ciee best things to do by portrait wedding Barcelona European Photographer from Nashville Emily Anne
street art tour valencia Spains things to do by top portrait & wedding photographer Emily Anne
The pools in Valencia Spain during the summer gorgeous things to do on a hot sunny day

I don't think I could ever get tired of these calming colors together: blues, whites & greens. 

beautiful palm trees in Valencia Spain

We were walking through the streets of roses and then I had a crazy idea to photograph Elliot in the middle of the street- little did I know he was going to run in the middle and lie down on the ground haha but it looked great and we snapped them just in time. 

Valencia Spain Portraits Top Portrait & Wedding Photographer Based in Barcelona & Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art

Elena is the amazing program director of the Liberal Arts Program at CIEE Barcelona and she & lovely Irene lead us on the tour of Valencia for the weekend. Muchismas gracias, Elena y Irene por todo!!  

best of Ciee; valencia Spain tour beautiful portraits (portrait photography) in Valencia

We had a great day exploring the beautiful park of Valencia. Will and Victor who also go to Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN- what a small world! 

top Vanderbilt Nashville portrait senior photographer Emily Anne Photo Art
Top Nashville Vanderbilt Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art (photography) portrait photogrpaher Valencia Barcelona Europe Spain
Things to do in Valencia Spain walk the board - day trips from Barcelona

Take a look at gorgeous Alli, Emily & Megan- we had so much fun exploring the beauty Valencia.

top portrait & wedding photographer best shots valencia Spain weekend trip based out of Barcelona & Nashville Emily Anne Photo Art
top portrait photographer valencia Barcelona spain Emily Anne Photo Art fotografía mejor valencia
portrait photographer valencia Spain Barcelona Emily Anne Nashville Based
fun times in valencia Spain

The walking street art graffiti tour was really interesting - so many murals with different artists who have made their mark & branded themselves in the city. The street art really does make the city vibrant. Also, if you live in Barcelona, Valencia is the perfect weekend getaway because it is only 3.5 hours away by car or bus. 

art graffiti tour in valencia spain - best weekend trips from Barcelona by Emily Anne Photo Art Photographer portrait & Wedding
gorgeous graffiti artist work on art tour graffiti valencia Spain by day trip from Barcelona Nashville Based Photographer
las fallas festival en Valencia Festivals best times to travel to Valencia Spain from Barcelona by Emily Anne Photo Art
the best of valencia Spain tourism photographer details

Thank you CIEE for an amazing weekend trip to Valencia, Spain! 

The Best of Belgium Pt. 4: Things you Must Do - Visit Grand Plaza in Brussels By Nashville Barcelona Wedding & Portrait Photographer

The central plaza is worth seeing alone in Brussels - absolutely gorgeous with all the gold intricate designs of the town halls. 

Grand Place Central Market Town Hall of Brussels - Top places to visit in Belgium - Best of Belgium by Belgian Portrait & Wedding Photographer Emily Anne

If you visit during the winter, there are plenty of coffee shops & cozy restaurants all along the plaza to keep you warm & cozy. Also, there are more chocolate shops than you can even imagine. 

delicious cuberdon in central Brussels plaza town square by top food portrait photogrpaher Europe Belgium Barcelona Emily Anne Photo Art

Possibly the best-known non-chocolate Belgian sweet is this cone-shaped, purplish candy with a firm shell, called Cuberdon which shoots a burst of syrup in your mouth when you bite into it. The flavour is referred to as raspberry, but in reality the cuberdon has a taste all its own- very delicious and you must try. :) 

the best of Belgium: trying Cuberdon! super delicious gummies

Grand Plaza in Belgium is super beautiful & you must go and visit when you have the chance if you're there. However, of all of Belgium, I would say that my favorite city is probably Bruges, but next time I would love to see Ghent and Antwerp.  Well, there you have it! There's a little tour of Belgium for ya and hope you enjoyed! 

Love & light forever!


The Best of Belgium Pt 3: Exploring Historic & Magical Bruges By Barcelona & Nashville Portrait & Wedding Photographer Emily Anne
best portraits in bruges belgium leuven by top European portrait and Barcelona Nashville destination photographer
enchanting city of Bruges; Belgium Barcelona photographer tour guide
historic bruges portrait European Belgian Barcelona Nashville wedding photographer emily Anne
castles in bruges to explore emily Anne photo  art European photographer from Nashville and based in Barcelona
best of Belgium emily Anne photo art Nashville Belgian photographer
best of Belgium bruges by portrait wedding photographer emily Anne
belgium tourism best portrait and wedding photographer Europe Emily Anne Photo Art Nashville & Barcelona based and Belgium/Leuven Photographer
the chocolate line by famous chef in Bruges shot by Barcelona Belgium Nashville Leuven Wedding Portrait Lifestyle Photographer Emily Anne
portraits with chocolate in bruges Belgium the chocolate line by famous chef in Bruges shot by Barcelona Belgium Nashville Leuven Wedding Portrait Lifestyle Photographer Emily Anne
fields of bruges nature in Belgium portraits with chocolate in bruges Belgium the chocolate line by famous chef in Bruges shot by Barcelona Belgium Nashville Leuven Wedding Lifestyle Photographer Emily Anne
bruges belgium park
the chocolate line portraits with chocolate in bruges Belgium the chocolate line by famous chef in Bruges shot by Barcelona Belgium Nashville Leuven Wedding Portrait Lifestyle Photographer Emily Anne
things you must do in Belgium leuven bruges; try a hot chocolate bar with cayenne and honey portraits with chocolate in bruges Belgium the chocolate line by famous chef in Bruges shot by Barcelona Belgium Nashville Leuven Wedding Portrait Lifestyle Photographer Emily Anne
try a hot chocolate bar in Belgium by best European and Nashville portrait photographer emily Anne
best of Belgium best portraits of people emily Anne photo art European
darling bruges square festival
cute little shops in the best touristic place in Belgium bruges by emily Anne photo art
carnaval bruges belgium shot by event portrait wedding photographer Belgium Nashville Barcelona European Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art (photography)
fun at Bruges Winter Carnaval in February Things You Must see and makes visiting Belgium in winter worthwhile - by Barcelona Nashville Wedding Photographer
The Best of Belgium Pt. 2: The Pride & Joy of Leuven - The Library of the Catholic University of Leuven Fun Portrait Photoshoot on the Bell Tower by Barcelona & Nashville Photographer Emily Anne

Had the privilege of exploring this beautiful Library of Leuven Catholic University. If you are visiting Leuven, it is well worth it to stop by this gorgeous tower and take the audio guided tour in your preferred language of this historical landmark. 

top library in Leuven must visit and do Spanish and English tour by Barcelona Spain & Nashville Leuven Belgium Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

You can also climb up to the tallest bell tower for a stunning view if the city of Leuven, especially at sunset- it is the perfect place for gorgeous photos - almost reminds me of Notre Dame. 

sunset golden portrait shoot on the bell tower in the library Leuven by top European wedding portrait photographer Emily Anne Photo Art
best of leuven by emily Anne photography

This beautiful library built in 1834 was burned by German soldiers at the beginning of the First World War and ever since has been restored bit by bit. 

inside the famous historical library of leuven Belgium
gorgeous photoshoot up in the heart of Leuven, Belgium by best portrait photographer in Europe Nashville Barcelona Emily Anne Photo Art

If I lived here, I would certainly put this gorgeous natural light room filled with knowledge to use-- one of the most beautiful libraries I have seen. 

gorgeous library of the university of leuven by Belgium leuven Barcelona photographer emily Anne photo art (photography)
The Best of Belgium Pt. 1: 5 Reasons Why to Visit the European City Leuven One of the Best Hidden Secrets By Barcelona & Nashville Based Portrait and Wedding Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

Ok, so what do you know about Belgium? Waffes, fries & chocolate. -- You're not wrong! Belgium is filled with these delicious things so if you have a sweet tooth & like chocolate it might be heaven or even a bit dangerous to go to Belgium. But what I am about to tell you about are 4 important reasons why you should give this country a chance. 

top reasons why to visit European city Leuven by Portrait Wedding Photographer Barcelona & Nashville European Belgium Photographer
the best of Belgium, Leuven Belgium by top European wedding portrait photographer emily Anne Nashville based

Brussels, Belgium and especially Leuven are majorly underrated compared to bigger cities in Europe like London, UK, Paris, France, Barcelona, Spain, Rome, Italy or Amsterdam in the Netherlands but it does have a lot to offer for less price. 

Leuven Belgium exploring the best city in Belgium best architecture in Belgium found in Leuven by top wedding portrait photographer Emily Anne photo Art in Europe Barcelona

1. Since Belgium is so small, it is very easy to get around. Public transportation such as the trains and metro stations run smoothly and on time. You can easily explore some of the best of Belgium in a small amount of time: Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges, some of the biggest tourist attractions are all within 1 hour by train. Also Brussels was chosen as the location that hosts the official seats of the European Commission Union for a reason. This small little country is centrally located and is less than 4 hours train ride to all the main European cities including Amsterdam, London, Paris & many other parts of Germany and others. 

top viewpoint Leuven Belgium from the library Central Library of Catholic University of Leuven by European Belgium Wedding Portrait photogrpaher Emily Anne

2. The chocolate really is as good as they say it is. Enough said. Almost a little too good. Be prepared to walk down the streets and every other shop to be a chocolatier. Also tip- pralines aren't the same in the United States as in Belgium. In Belgium they aren't nut filled chocolates but rather some sort of soft creamy inside- they can be addicting- can't say I didn't warn you. Also, Leonidas is one of the chain chocolatiers on the lower end, very delicious but while you're there try some of the artisan handmade chocolates from the local shops and it will be well worth it. :) 

best chocolate in Belgium by top wedding portrait photographer Emily Anne European Belgium Nashville Barcelona Photographer
When you walk into a chocolate store, suddenly the most difficult decision you will ever have to make in your life, is which chocolates to pick! It is pure torture! Especially when you are in Belgium surrounded by Belgian chocolates!
— C. JoyBell C.
best chocolate picture in the city centre of Leuven Belgium by Belgium Wedding Portrait Photographer European Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art from Nashville and Barcelona

3. Belgium, Leuven in particular is a brilliant blend of both German and Dutch culture. The best of both worlds. In Leuven, they speak Flemmish which sounds like a mixture of both German and Dutch & the architecture is very similar to homes in the Netherlands like in Amsterdam. And the people are so very friendly- everyone walks or bikes everywhere, are well dressed & smile and have a positive countenance as you walk down the street- a bit different than the culture in Barcelona where people are friendly but not "street friendly" you may say. 

lovely tulips in Belgium in the Springtime by European Belgium Leuven Barcelona Nashville wedding portrait photographer

Although it does get quite cold in the winters, I can absolutely see how this sweet town would be a lovely place to retire for elderly couples - it is so peaceful and honestly felt like I was in another world - maybe the world of Frozen for a day. 

sweet old couple in Leuven Belgium walking down the street great places to retire by top European BelgiumNashville Barcelona photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

4. The street markets are fantastic. You can find both old & young at the street market in Leuven- not only fresh produce, cheeses, meats are available but also many different practical necessities - including mops being sold on the street haha. That was interesting! 

Leuven Markets by Belgium Barcelona Portrait Wedding photographer fresh markets

5. The architecture is fantastic. For a small little town, Leuven has a lot to offer as far as visual sights go. The historic city town hall looks like THIS. 

historical Leuven town hall top architecture is stunningly beautiful in Leuven by top Leuven wedding photographer Emily Anne Photo Art (photography) outside royal courthouse
immaculate perfect little village European town best of Europe by Leuven Barcelona Portrait wedding photographer

Each street is so immaculate and unique in its own way - I can imagine shooting a gorgeous winter engagement session in the middle of these darling streets or photographing an elaborate classic wedding on the steps of the city hall and it would look FANTASTIC-- any takers!? 

perfect little frozen movie town Leuven by top wedding portrait photographer in Belgium, Barcelona Emily Anne Photo Art

One of the cutest gardening stores in all of Belgium - Dille & Kamille. I pretty much wanted to buy everything in that store but somehow my little Easy Jet backpack wouldn't permit it. 

Dill & Kamille - cutest gardening store in Belgium by Belgium Leuven Portrait Wedding Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art based in Barcelona
gorgeous town city hall of Leuven by top Barcelona Leuven Wedding Portrait photographer Emily Anne photo art (photography)

Have you ever explored the little hidden secret of Leuven, Belgium? I'd say it's for sure underrated and for me personally one of the top cities if not my favorite in all of Belgium. If you have been comment below & tell me your favorite part about it! I want to know :) 

Urban Brazilian Model Lifestyle Portrait Shoot on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain by Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

What a super fun model photoshoot in the heart of Barcelona- otherwise known as Las Ramblas on a perfectly sunny day with beautiful Heloisa. 

stunning top portrait photographer Barcelona and Nashville Emily Anne Photo Art European Photographer model shots

Las Ramblas is a street in central Barcelona, popular with tourists and well known to the locals of Barcelona Spain. A tree-lined pedestrian mall, connecting Plaça de Catalunya in the centre with the Christopher Columbus Monument at Port Vell & was the perfect location for our sun drenched shoot! :) 

top model posing Barcelona Spain las ramblas by Nashville portrait photographer

Heloisa is absolutely stunning inside & out. Originally from Brazil, she moved here to Barcelona to study Spanish and work on business & design. She is extremely talented at all that she does & I cannot wait for what the future has in store for her as she continues to pursue her dreams. If you need any sort of business strategy/branding techniques- she's your gal!!

gorgeous sunlit backlit portraits las ramblas portrait wedding photographer Nashville and Barcelona Spain
She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.
— Proverbs 31:5
best wedding portrait photographer Barcelona Spain on las ramblas emily Anne photo art European photographer

One thing you won't find as much in Nashville as here in Barcelona is the tremendous amount of street art & graffiti. It really does photograph well though because it add more depth & dimension to the shots & that's one of the best things about Barcelona in my opinion- the street art. 

beautiful portraits shot on las ramblas Barcelona top tourist destination by portrait wedding photographer Espana Europe Emily Anne Photo Art

Heloisa, you are beautiful & I am so excited to see what you accomplish all in your future! 

top Brazilian European Barcelona photographer
An Ethereal Vintage Garden Inspired Modeling Portrait Shoot in Clifton Nurseries London, UK by Nashville & Barcelona Portrait Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art
top poses unique Lord of the Rings inspired vintage photoshoot in a garden by top wedding portrait European Nashville Barcelona photogrpaher Emily Anne
seeing things through the eyes of a European designation traveler photographer best floral pics in London UK by Emily Anne Photo Art
gorgeous Clifton nurseries natural plants & minimalistic home inspired design shoot Emily Anne Photo Art European photos
exotic portraits in Clifton nurseries London UK by Portrait Wedding Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art
flower power inspired shoot London uk Clifton nurseries by top portrait photographer Emily Anne Photo art Barcelona Nashville based
dreamy photoshoot in gardens nursery London UK European designs wedding photographer Emily Anne Photo Art
Queen ethereal garden model portraits by portrait photographer Emily Anne Lifestyle Nashville Barcelona
succulents home decor best space Clifton nurseries London UK Emily Anne Photographer
portrait close up best shots shooting in flowers for modeling headshots unique emily Anne photo art
picture of gorgeous flowers in wheelbarrow inspired Peter rabbit photoshoot
in the garden inspired model shoot Clifton Nurseries London UK by Nashville Barcelona Portrait Wedding photographer
convertible London UK cars vintage inspired shoot
Vintage inspired shoot portobello market road by Top Destination European Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art
grilled cheese sandwiches on Portobello road market UK London
gorgeous red doors portraits simple UK England London outside portobello road
Top Things to See in London in a Day: Westminister Abbey, Coca Cola London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Beyond - Exploring the Best of London by Nashville Barcelona Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

Well, London. You might as well say that red is definitely its colour. :) Red phone booths, red buses, red accents on walls, royal guards in red... it really does suit the vibe of this intriguing place. Believe it or not, even if you have a layover in London for one day or only have a short stay in this top of the line city, it is very possible to see some of the biggest sites in a day. 

Big Ben, best restaurants in London by Best Nashville European photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

These giant double decker tour buses are most definitely the iconic "London" look. 

top uk wedding photographer emily Anne from Nashville Barcelona

Almost everywhere you turn in London you'll find absolutely gorgeous architecture - it is a city filled with history and these old, magnificent cathedrals and churches you can find every few blocks throughout this gorgeous city- they are definitely fun to photograph. Can you imagine having a wedding inside -- or outside these crazy cathedrals? 

gorgeous church Westminster abbey UK by Nashville European travel destination wedding photographer

We walked down past Westminster abbey and were pleasantly surprised to find royal guards on horses standing their ground - so neat. :) Be warned - Big Ben is under construction and, just like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, it won't be completed for a while so it is almost unrecognizable right now and a bit disappointing. 

UK London England Royal Guard by Top European Wedding Photographer Barcelona & Nashville Emily Anne

We took a stroll through Hyde Park on the way to Buckingham palace and met plenty of these little friends along the way. Hyde Park very much reminds me of the parks in London, Ontario Canada. 

The best of Hyde Park by Photographer ducks in Hyde park, day to relax in England UK  Emily Anne Photography (photo art)

We knew we had reached Buckingham Palace as soon as we saw these gorgeous golden gates glimmering in the sunshine. 

Buckingham palace royal gates things to do in london- visit the queen

I am certain the Queen of England would have asked me to tea if she was home, she just must have been out doing her "queenly" duties. ;) 

gorgeous shots of London England best of London to explore

Again, if you do decide to see London, you can hit all these iconic points by walking, starting at Westminster, going to Buckingham Palace back across the bridge past St. James Park and crossing over onto the London Eye Bridge and over to the Natural History Museum by the fountains. 

The Big Ben & The London Eyes - top things things to do in London England
natural history museum London UK must visit! European photographer recommendations

What is a trip to London, UK without a picture inside a red phone booth!? 

engagement photography ideas in London UK classic red telephone booth pics in London Uk - things you must do Emily Anne Photo Art!
London countryside shoots by Little Venice by London UK Photographer Emily Anne based in Nashville

I heard this quote and couldn't resist... 

I’m leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it’s not raining.
— Groucho Marx
Westminister Abbey on the water top things to see by UK Barcelona Nashville Wedding Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

Little Venice is a lovely little part of England further to the North! Absolutely gorgeous & there are lots of little shops to check out and brunch places- basically, London is the capital of brunch.  

Little Venice London England by Best Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art Nashville Barcelona wedding and portraits
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Island Life - 5 Best Things to Do in the European Canary Island of Volcanic Tenerife off the Coast of Africa by Nashville/Barcelona Photographer Emily Anne

Tenerife - what an absolutely beautiful and unique island. In case you didn't know, Tenerife is one of the 5 Canary Islands located 60 km off the coast of Africa and is a province of Spain. This rugged destination is the perfect place to relax and unwind walking on volcanic rock the deep Atlantic blue ocean seaside, walking beneath the gorgeous palm trees, or hiking up mountains and volcanic rock formations-- this island has it all. Not to mention, the perfect climate 60- 70 degrees and sunny year round - talk about the best of everything!

best portrait wedding photographer Emily Anne Nashville Tenerife Canary Islands European destination weddings volcanic glory

One thing we did quickly learn is that, since this island is pretty small - public transportation is not always that reliable so I would 10/10 recommend renting a car for the time you stay. 

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paradise islands in Europe best spots tenerife by Emily Anne Photo Art (Nashville & Barcelona Travel Destination Wedding Photographer)
best things to do in Tenerife by portrait wedding photographer Emily Anne Photography Nashville Canary Islands destination weddings

The north of the island is more well known for white sandy beaches but also quite windy. The middle of the island close has a mixture of both but black beaches instead of white! The south of Tenerife is most touristy with many restaurants, shops & boutiques, and it is also even more steady weather temperatures & almost always sunny. :) 

Vacation ideas Canary Islands best places to go by Emily Anne Photo Art Travel European/nashville wedding photographer Barcelona

Such unique terrain- unlike anything I have seen before. Also, this island is a very popular European vacation hotspot for people from the UK - we saw many British people relaxing on the beach. 

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fun things to do in Tenerife by Travel Wedding/portrait photographer Emily Anne from Nashville

We stopped at a lovely restaurant in Candelarias, Santa Cruz Tenerife called Crepe de Emilie and it was absolutely delicious- just look at these healthy salads! Also, grilled goat cheese is a thing. :) 

top food photographer Emily Anne Photo Art Europe Tenerife best delicious

There are so many other neat things you can do here on this island for free: and here are a few ideas: 

1. See the 1000 year-old Drago tree- The Millennium Drago is the multi-crowned king of Canarian flora and the best view of it is from Plaza de la Constitución.

2. Visit Masca- Setting eyes on Masca for the first time is like discovering a lost world tucked away in the creases of Tenerife's ancient Teno Mountains. 

3. Swim in Garachico's rock pools- 1706 when an eruption sent two destructive molten rivers careening through the town to fill the harbour with lava instead of ships. Ironically, the event which nearly took the town off the map 300 years ago is now the reason  people flock there. The pools are various depths and shapes; some are suitable for toddlers, as long as they don't mind mingling with sub-tropical fish, others require good lungs to reach the bottom. 

4. Explore the Anaga - the right choice if you want to explore the beautiful area of Anaga - a UNESCO biosphere reserve. An excursion to Antequera Beach with this great team is one of our favourite things to do in Tenerife the right choice if you want to explore the beautiful area of Anaga - a UNESCO biosphere reserve. An excursion to Antequera Beach with this great team is one of our favourite things to do in Tenerife.

5. Hike the Teide- hiking in this gorgeous National Park is a real treat, excursions, visiting the Teide Observatory, Sunset and Stars on the peak, a visit to the Altavista del Teide Refuge and a cable car ride up the mountain.

We really enjoyed this trip and it's really fun taking portraits on an island!  Honestly, it is much easier to get to Tenerife from Barcelona, Spain or a European country rather than Nashville or anywhere in the US but if you do get a chance to visit, don't pass it up! :)

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best places to go on tenerife by Nashville Barcelona Europe Portrait photographer
A Beautiful Day in the Heart of London, UK - Exploring Westminster Abbey, Big Ben & The Oldest Streets in London - By Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

London really is as lovely as it sounds in a British accent- this city is truly the epitome of beauty, elegance, rich Roman history and architecture all in one place. 

Had the privilege of going to explore with this absolutely lovely human - Meghan Swanson who is also a photographer! :) --- check out her beautiful work HERE

best portrait photography in London UK by Emily Anne Photography Nashville/Europe Barcelona London Photographer

We had so much fun exploring the city and YES we took advantage of these gorgeous classic old UK phone booths--- they are literally the best. 

old telephone booth inspiration portrait photography by best Nashville photographer Barcelona mejor fotógrafo  in London UK

Isn't she absolutely stunning!? Best model award goes to Meghan--- she's a natural in front and behind the camera. 

gorgeous inspirational shoot Emily Anne Photography Nashville/Barclelona/London Photographer best portrait award

Westminister Abbey is absolutley stunning- we went on a cloudy day but finally the sun came through and reflected over the water beneath the London eye and it was priceless. I can hardly wait to see the Royal Wedding and where they end up taking their romantic wedding photos- wonder if they will choose some of the same locations?! 

gorgeous London UK Pinterest shots by Top Nashville Barcelona London Photographer Emily Anne Travel Weddings
fun senior/model portraits in London UK by Nashville Photogrpaher Emily Anne

We went to the London National History Museum and the London Victoria and Albert Museum and it was marvelous to see years of history, old civilizations from the ancient Chinese, to renaissance, to modern art - highly recommend!! :) One of my favorite exhibits was the TimeCapsule history of women's fashion throughout the last century - so interesting. Basically, we have VERY boring fashion now compared to earlier decades. 

National History Museum London Victoria and Albert Museum UK shot by Top wedding photographer Emily Anne Photographer London, Nashville, Barcelona
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fun UK telephone booth images portrait inspiration by best wedding/portrait photographer emily Anne photography Nashville US and London Barcelona

From Barcelona - London is really only an hour flight away which is quite amazing but from the US, specifically from Nashville, it is quite the trek "across the pond." But this day in London was brilliant thanks to this lady! 

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A Day in Barcelona - by Nashville/Barcelona Photographer Emily Anne

You would think that living in a Beach city, one would go to the beach all the time. However, I was completely wrong and it’s all about proximity. While I am relatively close to the beach from American standards and transportation, in Europe things such as city transportation take longer. 

Nonetheless I got put out and finally had the chance to snap some images of the gorgeous sun & Mediterranean Sea.  


Looking across the Mediterranean Sea feels different than looking at an ocean. When I stare across I can imagine the excitement of citizens who traveled and ended up in a paradise called Italy. 

We went to Brunch and Cake by the Sea. Super lovely! 


This was my first beet root lattes and it was certainly not my last. Beautiful floral designs welcomed guests into this lovely restaurant. 


Be warned, if you do go to the beach in Barceloneta or any of the beaches close to the Old Gothic Quarter you should be vigilant and prepared to prevent pick-pocketing by bringing very few pieces or wearing a wallet protector right on your body.

More than The Game of Thrones Movie Set - A Real Life Spanish Fairytale City - The Historic Girona, Espana by Barcelona/Nashville Wedding and Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

Girona, beautiful Girona! Home of the Game of Thrones movie set (which I do not endorse by the way), the oldest Jewish Quarters in all of Spain and filled with rich history. 

beautiful river in gerona Spain by wedding photographer Emily Anne photo art

In this beautiful town you can absolutely see the old medieval architecture but also later Roman influence. This city had been laid siege to over 20 times, so it has had its fair share of invasions. 

explore Spain top destinations by best travel wedding and portrait photographer Emily Anne

Girona now has another reason for the larger flux of tourim- Game of Thrones backdrop. However, personally the streets like these are ones that made me feel like I was waltzing through a romantic movie. 

hidden streets of girona Spain by Nashville Barcelona Girona Destination Photographer

"La muralla" the wall of Girona was built to protect this beloved city from invaders, but clearly it didn't work, due to the number of invasions! 

Hadrian's wall - best historical wall in Girona Spain Jewish Quarters

Nothing like finding fresh fruit in the markets on the streets of Girona on Las Ramblas de Llibertat. 

colorful markets with fresh fruit in Girona Spain

Girona is one of the most nationalistic cities that is 110% for the independence of Spain. Almost every street corner you turn, you will see either the Catalonian flag of independence or these ties on the windows, indicating the desire for separation from el gobierno de Espana. 

Catalonia Girona Spain independista/ for the indpendence of Catalonia

The Arab baths were one of my favorite findings in Girona! These Arab baths are Romanesque construction (12th century) inspired by Roman baths, its most outstanding elements include the entrance, which was used as a changing room and relaxation area and is covered with a barrel vault, and the cupola covering the central pool, which is supported by slim columns with gorgeously capitals.

arabic baths of girona Spain one of the coolest inspirational shots in nature shot in the frigidarium

Very mysterious, are they not?! 


Of course we had to try the gelato made by the #1 best restaurant in the world for 2013 and 2014- El Celler de Can Roca. And it really was fantastic! 

best ice cream shot by top Barcelona Spain and Nashville Europe Wedding and Portrait Photographer

We climbed up this old German barracks fortress to get this view of the city. Worth it! 

view of the city gorgeous shot Emily anne photo art portraits Barcelona and Nashville Girona

Located within the Força Vella, the Jewish Quarter or Call is one of the city's most emblematic areas. It consists of a labyrinth of narrow streets and patios that have maintained their medieval atmosphere. It is one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in the world and clear evidence of the importance of the Jewish culture in Girona.

Jewish quarters - barrio judio in Girona Spain by Barcelona and Girona Photographer Emily Anne
enjoy Girona Spain top travel wedding destinations Emily Anne photo art wedding and portrait photographer
explore girona Spain game of thrones destination
Not all those who wander are lost.
— J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
explore game of thrones movie set in girona Spain best portrait photographer Girona Spain Emily Anne Photo Art Nashville Based Top Wedding Photographer
best view of girona Spain by Barcelona and European photographer Emily Anne fotografa weddings and portraits in Girona Spain
silhouette best shot of guys getting ready to jump in Girona Spain
best ice cream restaurant and gelato shot by top destination food travel blogger/wedding portrait photographer Emily Anne photo art
gothic quarters girona Spain espana Emily Anne Photo Art photography
best portrait photographer Barcelona Girona Emily Anne photo Art
game of thrones movie set by Nashville Barcelona Spain photographer fotografo Emily Anne photo art
the gardens of the German fortress barracks

Can there ever be too many gelato pics!? :) 

comida fotografo Barcelona best food photographer girona Barcelona Nashville TN Emily Anne photo art (photography)
game of thrones movie set by best Barcelona Nashville gerona photographer Emily Anne photo art
girona Spain wedding portrait photographer Emily Anne photo art Nashville Barcelona

Running up these stairs where they filmed the Game of Thrones TV series truly did feel like a cinematic moment. It also reminded me of the beautiful ethereal fairytale wedding ceremony scene of Arwen Undomiel and Aragorn Elessar from Lord of the Rings. :) 

best travel destination emilyannephotoart (photographer) Nashville Barcelona Girona Annecy Photographer

Thanks so much for taking the time to enjoy some of the journey with me!

Hope you enjoyed & until next time!

Love & Light Forever 


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Coffee Shop You Must Try When Traveling in Spain- Espresso Mafia- Best Coffee in Girona Spain/Espana by Barcelona and Nashville Wedding Travel Photographer

This weekend, had the privilege of traveling from Barcelona to the historic city of Girona, Spain. While in this gorgeous town that felt like a movie set--- if you would like to see the city click HERE --- we discovered one of the best coffeeshops in the world - Espresso Mafia. 

best coffee hipster places in Spain by top producto fotografo Barcelona fotografo de bodas

Not only is the coffee incredibly smooth and house roasted, but the shop is absolutely fantastic and biker friendly-- but really. Started by an amazing couple Christian and Amber Meier. Christian is a professional cyclist with a passion for coffee who decided to start this coffeeshop along with their other coffeeshop La Fabrica in the heart of Girona, Spain. Even with our brief time in Girona, we could instantly tell that Espresso Mafia was the place to be as 6 or 7 professional bikers stopped in for a fresh cup early in the morning. 

cutest coffeeshop girona Spain by travel wedding photographer Barcelona Girona Spain Emily Anne Photo Art (Photography)
another? another. Espresso Mafia Logo- Italian Coffee by Italian Barcelona and Girona Wedding Portrait Photographer Emily Anne PHoto Art

Not only is the decor absolutely fantastic, but the people are fantastic and make you feel right at home as soon as you walk in the door. 

coffee latte art by best coffee photographer Nashville Barcelona Emily Anne Photo Art
Top 10 Coffeeshops you must visit when you go to Spain - Emily Anne Photo Art Travel Wedding Photographer
Another? Another.
— Espresso Mafia
best coffee photographer Nashville Barcelona fotografo mejor

Do yourself a favor and go try Espresso Mafia on your trip to the gorgeous city of Girona! 

darling coffeeshop in Girona Spain by Barcelona Spanish Fotografo (photographer) from Nashville Emily Anne Photo Art