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Centennial High Grad Hayden's Super Fun Urban Shoot in Bicentennial Park & Marathon Music Works by Senior Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

Hayden Kelly, you are a stunner!! Wow, we had SO much fun!!!

top senior portrait photographer in the South Nashville TN Emily Anne; Downtown Nashville TN

When Hayden smiles, she sure lights up a room! Isn't that smile contagious!? 

laughing senior pics in Bicenntennial Park by senior portrait photographer lifestyle Emily Anne Photo Art

Hayden's shoot was SO much fun the perfect mix of natural with golden sunlight shooting through the trees at illuminating her gorgeous hair to a more urban industrial look on Clinton Street. We had originally tossed around about the idea of doing them over fall break on the beach in Florida. Obviously, it's not the same but this was the perfect location to capture her personality & style. Maybe next time on the beach pics though ;) 

dancing/candid senior portraits by best lifestyle and senior portrait photographer in Brentwood, Franklin Nashville, TN

Aren't her outfits just ADORABLE!? A mix of soft classic + trendy causal... the perfect combo! 

cute senior portrait poses by Nashville's premier photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

No big deal, Hayden just walking the streets of Nashville like a BOSS. 

lifestyle fashion, editorial photographer Nashville, Atlanta Emily Anne Photo Art (photographer)
gorgeous senior portraits with wardrobe styling hair and makeup Emily Anne photo art and one10beauty
gorgeous stunning senior portrait photography by the best senior portrait experience in the US Emily Anne
Centennial high School senior portraits Emily Anne photo art (photographer)

100% yes to the glitter!!! Marathon Music Works on Clinton Street was the perfect spot to get the retro urban look we were going for. :) 

inspirational prop ideas for senior portraits throwing glitter best idea by Emily Anne photo Art destination

Okay, Hayden... maybe you should think about a career in modeling and fashion!? 

smiling and looking away from camera - how to capture great candids shot at the Foundry Nashville Marathon Music Works
lifestyle editorial senior pics by premiere senior portrait photographer in town Emily Anne photographer
incorporating sports Hayden centennial high school basketball team photographed by Emily Anne at the Foundry
high fashion/lifestyle/model/actress photographer Nashville Atlanta Georgia

I've got to say, Hayden's mom Mary was absolutely incredible!!! She had the entire trunk set up like a portable wardrobe + brought props of our dreams. So prepared and all the hard work totally paid of in these lovely pics!! 

classic class of 2018 jumping photo Bicentennial park Emily Anne seniors
gorgeous senior portrait modeling photography high end senior portraits luxury in Nashville tn
dancing candids for senior portraits at Bicentennial Park Nashville
candid/lifestyle fashion on Clinton Street the Foundry Photoshoot senior portraits
laughing sitting on ground cross legs senior pics
stunning portrait photography by premier travel photographer Emily Anne photo art nashville and beyond
fun laughing candid senior portrait photography nashville

Take a look at these fantastic retro shades ;) 

peace out fun sunglasses idea for pictures
urban senior portrait ideas Emily Anne photo art nashville/Franklin  photographer

When Hayden isn't working it as a model, she also happens to be a Centennial High basketball star! :) 

basketball senior portrait pictures

One of my favorite shots ever... golden glitter glory! Funny story, the Emily Anne Senior video has Hayden featured with her blowing glitter. The day we set for Hayden's veiwing/ordering session, I happened to run into her before at CVS and she was covered in glitter- I get to their house later that evening & she's COVERED in what... GLITTER!! I hereby have named her "Glitter Girl." :) 

glitter girl

In all seriousness though, Hayden is truly a remarkable girl. I am so excited to see what she is going to do an accomplish in her lifetime. This is only the beginning!! 

Congratulations, Hayden!!! :) 

centennial high school senior portraits graduate
Brittany's Breathtaking Senior Portraits In Franklin, TN - A Beautiful Actress & Professional Ballet Dancer in the Making Shot by Nashville Senior Portrait/Model Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

WOW. This beautiful young lady is INCREDIBLY talented!! Actress, dancer, model... what does Brittany NOT do?! This session was absolutely breathtaking! 

WATCH RIGHT HERE BELOW HER GORGEOUS MOVING PICTURE IN HIGH DEFINITION!!!! I get chills every time I start watching her dance to the music.  

best dance photographer in Nashville capturing live motion Emily Anne Photo Art

Wow, just wow... am I right!? Absolutely love this in air action shots of her in the streets of Downtown Franklin! 

top model/celebrity photographer Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art
spontaneous candid photoshoot in Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art
top model/dancer/actress photographer in Nashville and Franklin TN

I'm really so happy with how the outfits turned out, mix of classic rich & soft blues blues, skirts, black dress & the sunglasses are the perfect touch. 

modeling/senior portrait photography Emily Anne
stunning senior portraits by most sought after senior portrait photographer in Tennessee and Nashville Emily Anne Photo Art

Brittany does want to pursue some sort of career in the arts. I am confident, whether it is acting, singing, dancing, modeling she will do absolutely incredible!! 

breathtaking senior portraits by best senior portrait photographer in Franklin Brentwood and Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art

Here blue eyes against the soft greens <3 <3 <3 

most unique senior portrait ideas shot through ferns and grass in downtown Franklin

Brittany's smile could light up an entire room. In this moment she was looking at her dad who made her laugh throughout the whole shoot... so precious!! 

best smile in Nashville TN - model and senior photography girl dressed in blue

If you need a talented model or dancer for your next gig... Brittany is your gal!! 

urban/retro city portraits in the heart of Nashville TN surrounded by flowers Emily Anne Photo Art (photography) model photos
Unique Senior Portraits, Battle Ground Academy, Ensworth Senior Portrait Photographer

Anyone else a sucker for the absolute classics like Anne of Green Gables? Well, this shot of Brittany in the blue with the sun kissing her from behind and this lovely hat completely reminds me of a modern day Anne! I have a special place in my heart for Anne of Green Gables especially because it's part of my name and I do now say her infamous line, "It's Anne with an E." 

cute senior pics by Emily Anne Photo Art girl in golden field with cute hat!
jump for joy best dance photography in downtown Franklin TN Emily Anne Photo Art
Downtown Franklin/Nashville Model photography Emily Anne
fun senior pics outdoors in nature Franklin tn Emily Anne Photo Art (Photography)
classic black and white senior pics Emily Anne photo art (photography)

SOO beautiful Brittany!!! 

model photographer fiery red hair Nashville Emily Anne photography (photo art)
epic dance photography by Emily Anne photo art Nashville TN
Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are your comfort zone.
— George Shaw

I love this quote because it inspires us to keep moving forward and pushing past the hesitations and uncertainties of the future. Brittany, I am SO excited to see how your future unfolds as you embark on this new chapter of life & pursue your passions and discover more about who you were created to be. I look forward to seeing the next steps you take!! 

golden gorgeous sunset senior portraits like Anne of green gables by Emily Anne Photo Art
Anna's Dreamy Late Summer Senior Portraits in The Heart of Downtown Franklin - Battle Ground Academy Senior by Nashville Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

Where do I begin!? These pics speak for themselves. First of all, the locations of Anna's shoot were absolutely perfect. Mix of both city/rustic/urban/natural! What more could you want in a session?

the best senior portrait photographer in the south- Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood high end Battle Ground Academy, Ensworth senior portrait/modeling photography


Using Baskin Robbins ice cream was definitely the BEST idea!! But then again, you can never go wrong with ice cream, can you? 

cutest senior pics in downtown Franklin Baskin Robbins ice cream senior portrait photography by Emily Anne Photo Art Nashville and Atlanta photographer

Anna's sweet personality really shines through these images and just WOW when the sun through the trees illuminates her from the behind! :) Anna is graduating this year from Battle Ground Academy and couldn't be more excited her and her future! Not only is she stunning on the outside but she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and her smile immediately lights up a room. 

inspiring senior portrait ideas for pictures in nature Franklin/brentwood TN high school photographer
absolutely gorgeous senior portraits in downtown Franklin TN Emily Anne photo Art
battle ground academy Franklin tn photographer Emily Anne

Talk about a classic beauty. Black & white truly never fails. When she's not slaying it on camera, you can find her killin' it on the volleyball courts or volunteering her time at Young Life. 

classic black and white senior portraits Emily Anne photo art Nashville tn
cute senior portrait outfit ideas Downtown Franklin TN Battle Ground Academy Ensworth photographer

Just walking down the streets of Downtown Franklin like she owns the town. The bouquet of flowers was a perfect touch. 

the BEST senior portrait ideas in all of Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin TN--- Birmingham Alabama inspiration - cute rustic, gorgeous flowers Emily Anne Photo Art
baskin Robbins photographer ice-cream cute senior portrait sweet inspiration pics

Heading down to the creek for a swim, are we? :) 

gorgeous outdoors senior portraits at Pinkerton park in Franklin tn by Emily Anne Photo Art (photography)  going into a creek Nashville TN
top senior portrait photographer Nashville, Atlanta and Franklin TN
Annas dreamy senior pics Downtown Franklin TN summertime
best locations for senior portraits by Emily Anne Photo Art - top senior photographer in the south high end experience Franklin TN
using flowers for senior portrait ideas!! gorgeous bundle of flowers and inspirational outfits what to wear for senior portraits.
Battle Ground Academy senior portrait photographer soft smile senior portraits Emily Anne Photo Art Emily Anne

How cool is this background? The twinkling lights + cobblestone pathway are amazing! 

cool hip portraits in Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art ultimate senior portrait experience

Is she a BGA senior graduate or a Baskin Robbins model? Haha I can't quite tell! 

sweet/icecream product photographer Emily Anne photo art in Nashville TN
lovely smiling senior portraits Battle Ground Academy Emily Anne photo art

The location of this pic reminds of some places you would find in Zurich Switzerland or the streets of Ascona/Roma Italy! 

absolutely stunning portraits Battle Ground Academy, Ensworth, Montgomery Bell Academy photographer
whipping hair back and forth outfit inspiration for seniors Franklin TN Emily Anne photo art
beautiful photos in nature Pinkerton park Emily Anne photo art Nashville Atlanta photographer
stepping off a rock at Pinkerton park; girl senior portraits all dressed in white Franklin Emily Anne photo art (photography)

In the heat of summer, the ice cream was a fantastic prop idea... that was until it melted haha! 

cutest summer senior pics Baskin Robbins/ice cream photographer cute inspiration ideas by Nashville Portrait photographer Emily Anne

I absolutely LOVE this quote! 

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
— Henry David Thoreau
prop ideas for senior portraits - best senior portraits Nashville TN, Atlanta and Birmingham
black and white classic portraits Battle Ground Academy/Franklin TN photographer Emily Anne Photo Art Nashville TN
Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path. Then, by all means, you should follow that.
— Ellen Degeneres

A little humor for today! In all seriousness, Anna, I am so excited to see how your future unfolds!! <3

Gorgeous Rachel's Classic/Vintage Senior Portraits in Franklin, TN by Senior Portrait Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

Wow, it's been a hot minute since I've had the chance to get back on here! Back & ready to show ya an absolutely gorgeous young lady... Rachel Fisher! 


best senior portrait photographer in Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin TN - Golden sunset hour Emily Anne photo art (photography) takes time to create images that truly look like art!

Just take a minute to admire how absolutely gorgeous she is. RADIANT & GOLDEN BEAUTY! 

most unique senior portraits in Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art (Photography) gives an experience  of a lifetime, creating images that will be cherished forever, best model photographer in Nashville
Top go to senior portrait photographer in Nashville, Atlanta, and Brentwood and Franklin TN gorgeous sunny senior portraits with girl out in a field picking flowers; inspirational shots

We found a lovely flower field and it was the perfect touch to complement her soft blue dress. And, thankfully we were far south enough that we got full blossom & didn't even have to go down to Alabama or Georgia to get perfect summer evening weather for her pics. 

Gorgeous senior portraits by the best photographer in Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art (photography); top model photographer; best headshots in Nashville
the best senior portrait photography in Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood and Atlanta georgia by top model photographer Emily Anne Photo Art (photography) cute centennial high school senior in vintage car

Rachel wanted a mix between urban/natural and that's exactly what we did! I looked all over Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin to find the best location & it turns out all of these were in Franklin! Gorgeous golden sunset shots are the absolute BEST and she looks like a model for urban outfitters or some other company haha! 

senior pics in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood by the best senior portrait/model/ headshot photographer in Nashville

Staring into a coffeeshop window... or more like "staring in to her future like..." Her future is bright!! Rachel is multi-talented and is looking at attending University of Knoxville next year. 

cute senior portrait ideas by Atlanta/Nashville Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

Look at her adorable car!! Ahhh LOVE LOVE IT!!! She looks like a gorgeous vintage model chic from the 1920s with a classic flare. 

best model/actress photographer Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood TN by Emily Anne Photo Art - cute girl in boots and romper driving car

Chasing the sun again. :) Ah, look at her!! With that flower in her hair she looks like she could be a Hawaiian princess. :) 

best senior portrait experience in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and Atlanta, Georgia  by Emily Anne Photo Art Photographer Hawaiian inspired senior pics with Rachel

I just recently found this quote that I absolutely LOVE:  

Do all the other things, the ambitious things—travel, get rich, get famous, innovate, lead, fall in love, make and lose fortunes...but as you do, to the extent that you can, err in the direction of kindness.
— George Saunders
desert safari exotic senior portraits best senior portrait photographer top in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood Academy and Atlanta Georgia
perfect smile and cute girl high end senior portrait/modeling experience Nashville TN & Franklin and Atlanta Georgia
fun senior portrait ideas in Franklin tn by senior portrait photographer Emily Anne golden girl in a field modeling photographer for agencies in Nashville and Atlanta
adorable senior girl top senior portrait model photographer Emily Anne Nashville, Birmingham and Atlanta
fun senior portrait ideas black and white Emily Anne photo art
best/top senior portrait photographer in Franklin, TN Emily Anne Photo Art (photography)Battle Ground Academy; Christ Presbyterian Centennial high senior portrait photographer
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great senior portrait posing; how to pose a senior by Emily Anne Photo Art
fantastic senior/modeling portrait photographer by Franklin TN Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art; vintage, classic Hawaiian beauty
Best golden senior portrait photographer - classic style best senior portrait experience offering prints, products, etc in Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood TN and in Atlanta Georgia/Birmingham
top model/agency photographer Emily Anne unique photographer
best smiling senior/headshot/model portraits by Emily Anne Photo Art Photographer Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood
how to dress for senior portraits best wardrobe styling advice by Emily Anne, Nashville, Atlanta photographer
adorable senior portrait images - inspiring photoshoot by Emily Anne Photo Art Nashville, Franklin and Brentwood TN + Atlanta Georgia portrait photographer

So proud of you, Rachel! It was an absolute blast getting to capture your senior portraits & I am so excited about your future!

Ms. Fisk University Portraits in Nashville by Senior Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

Tianna is one of the most authentic, delightful people to be around. Just an honor to be able to photograph Ms. Fisk University commemorating such a joyous occasion. 

top senior portrait photographer nashville and atlanta emily anne

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. "

- Jackson Brown Jr. 

She's just so stylish we just laughed the whole time and had a blast!! 

candid posing to make the best senior portraits nashville franklin and atlanta ga emily anne photography fisk university graduate
fun senior portrait shoot bicentennial park nashville tn

This lovely lady is a Fisk University graduate and is SUCH a doll. She graduated with a Bachelors in Businessand how she juggled rigorous academics with pageants, shows, and banquets, I have no idea!!

fun posing for senior portraits top black photographer nashville tn atlanta
Top Schools in TN Fisk University Graduate Graduation Portraits Emily Anne Photography Nashville TN
best portrait photographer nashville tn fisk university graduate alumni stay connected
Anna's Historic Downtown Franklin Senior Portrait Shoot by Franklin TN Photographer Emily Anne Photography

Anna is just absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Aside from being just perfectly adorable in every way, Anna is also a professional ballet dancer, which made her a complete pro in front of the camera... so graceful and elegant! 

summer senior portrait inspiration shoot nashville tn shot by premier photographer emily anne
top nashville brentwood franklin tn senior portrait photographer Emily anne photography shot at pinkerton park
best senior portrait photographer in brentwood tn nashville and franklin emily anne photography

We walked down Mainstreet in downtown Franklin, turned a little corner and found a hidden flower haven!! The hyacinths truly make her lips pop and match perfectly! 

Best Friend Senior Portrait Session by Nashville Emily Anne Photography

These girls were the absolute sweetest! Best friend sessions are honestly some my absolute favorites too! :) 

These three girls grew up together, and even though they went to separate high schools Christ Presbyterian Academy, Independence High School, and Battle Ground Academy, they decided they wanted to celebrate their last year together with a joint portrait session! 

Needless to say, they were so much fun. :) 

the best senior portrait experience in Tennessee Emily Anne Photography joint best friend photo session class of 2018
super fun senior portrait session experience hair and makeup styling will be included in your appointment with Emily Anne Photography
best friend joint senior portrait session in Nashville, Franklin TN
best senior portrait photographer team eighteen class of 2018 Senior portrait photographer
joint senior portrait session- best friends shot at harlinsdale farm by top senior portrait photographer emily anne photography
the best senior portrait experience in nashville, franklin tn



Bennett's Senior Portraits Brentwood High - High School Senior Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

Bennett's session was an absolute blast! This Class of 2017 Brentwood High School graduate has a bright future ahead of him!

best guy senior portrait photographer nashville brentwood and franklin tn emily anne
best guy senior portrait photographer nashville tn

Bennett just recently received his Eagle Scout award. Not only is brilliant but he is also persistent and dedicated having pursued this achievement! 

top senior portrait photographer for guys nashville tn
senior portrait photographer emily anne brentwood and franklin tn
top guy senior portrait photographer nashville tn
Ms. Teen Tennessee USA's Senior Portraits by Senior Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

What a delight it was capturing Ms. Emily Suttle's senior portraits. She is truly radiant inside and out. So proud of her accomplishment in achieving the status of Ms. Teen Tennessee USA. 

best model and headshot photographer in nashville tennessee
best senior portrait photographer emily anne photography in franklin, brentwood and nashville tennessee
beautiful posing for senior portraits franklin high school photographer
best model photographer in nashville and surrounding areas emily anne photography
affordable premiere and top senior portrait photographer nashville brentwood and franklin tn

To me, senior portraits are so much more than a few pictures before graduation. Senior portraits are about capturing the beauty and essence of each person, and reminiscing on the beautiful accomplishments as well as the exciting possibilities the future holds. 

Mary Kay the founder of Mary Kay cosmetics once stated it beautifully, "When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. You have the choice. You can overcome and be a winner, or you can allow it to overcome you and be a loser. the choice is yours and yours along. Refuse to throw in the towel." That is exactly what Emily chooses to do. She did not give up in anyway on pursuing her dreams and accomplishments and is watching the future unfold for her. I can hardly wait to see what Emily has yet to accomplish! 

modeling and acting photographer headshots  by nashville artist photographer emily anne
Finished with High School? What Next? 5 Tips Every Student Should Know on Choosing the Right College.

High school is a HUGE part of life. 4 years of your life spent engaging in team activities, Friday Night Lights, honors societies, ACT prep, late night Sonic drinks, pep rallies... the list goes on. We focus our intent on walking across that platform on graduation day with a diploma in our hands for hard work, but what next? 

Choosing a university can be a daunting experience, but with proper guidance, you can have rewarding results. 

top high school senior pic/photo photographer in nashville, brentwood, and franklin;  how to choose the right college for you

Just Make Up Your Mind!!! 

Believe me, you're not the only one. Many studies have gathered that approximately 50% of students that enter college declare "undecided." That is 1 out of every 2 people you meet that walk the halls of your college campus do not know what career path they would dedicate their lives to. 

How to choose the best college for your high school senior

AND, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 80% of students change their major at least once. Changing your major at least once can result in additional semesters of schooling, delaying graduation and accumulating even more debt. 

What's the Point? 

Well, the point of asking the question is to at least address it! Why are you going to college? Is it for a social connection? To meet a future spouse? To party and maybe kinda figure out life? To escape from your parents grasp? Maybe it is to get a well-paying job and start an independent life of your own? Whatever the reason, it would just be down right miserable to waste 4+ invaluable years at the prime of your life on something you do not love or can even see yourself doing. 

Let's break down some of the stereotypical assumptions about college and start helping you figure out what is the best path for you. 

1. Be Proactive. Do Your Research. 

I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but, as in anything in life, if you want it you have to work for it. 

Thomas Jefferson once wisely said, "Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

While you're in high school, over summers, during breaks, when you have spare time, make a list of anything and everything that sparks your interest, even things that are remotely fascinating to you and begin exploring those possibilities. 

For example, if you feel drawn to the medical field, why not volunteer at your nearby hospital, a nursing home, ask for some shadowing experience. I cannot tell you how many times friends have told me about beginning their career on a pre-med track and then as soon as they saw blood, they were grossed out and couldn't handle it anymore. How to prevent this? Check it out on the front end! Even maybe try watching some medical TV shows (I haven't personally done this so I can't recommend any and I know they are not always accurate) but at least you get a better idea of the field and mentality. 

If you are drawn to the arts, try experimenting with all different mediums: maybe you're good with pencil, but have you tried sketching on an iPad? Watch Photoshop or Graphic Design Illustrator Tutorials on YouTube? An IMMENSE amount of knowledge is at the TIPS of your fingers! Try to engage in the arts communities by joining local art gallery events or showcases, networking with other artists or photographers could give you an advantage and more experience than others entering it blindly and studying theories in class. 

2.Have a Goal

5 tips on how to choose the best college for you; how you know you are right straight out of high school

 Many people claim that you can "figure it out" in college, you can be clueless about what you want to do in college, just GO. 

Well friends, that is a MYTH. In reality, all you will be doing is wasting time confusing yourself, spending unnecessary amounts of money to go in circles on something you are not even certain about. 

According to the US Bureau of the Census in 2011, only 27% of college graduates actually used their college major degree in their level of profession. Thinking of the 50% of students who even change their majors multiple times before they achieve this is risky.

In the United States, we are given the privilege to create our own image. The brand we wear, how we walk, how we talk, how we apply ourselves... all creates a unique individualism. In some cases prove the "rags to riches" story. However, let us not take this privilege of education lightly. 

3. Visit Campuses. 

Based of personal experience, a university may appear to be your dream school on paper, but you may be missing out on the entire picture if you go off the impression the college administration and web designers want you to see. 

Choosing a university is a holistic process. Logistically it should make sense with what career goal you have in mind and ideally not make your grandchildren still have to pay off your debt. However, no matter how good it looks on the website, your own intuition and emotions may compel you love or hate you school choice. 

Lining up a school tour or simply stepping foot on a university campus may save you years of regret or give you a serene confidence that bolsters your college decision all the more. 

4. Explore Other Possibilities. 

Some people believe that college straight out of high school is the only option. Familial pressure or traditions based on previous notions may influence a teenager's decision on college entry. Also, quite candidly, college is not for everyone. Yes, it can help to have a degree for some higher paying jobs, but a degree in itself is not everything. 

How to Choose the Best College 5 Tips. Exploring Possibility of Taking a  College Gap Year

However, there are other alternatives to mediate the gap between attending or not attending college. Recently, the term "gap year" has become more prevalent in modern culture. A gap year or two is simply a time frame in which a high school graduate can work, study, travel or do things otherwise they would not be able to do while at university or afterwards. 

While gap years are not for everyone, they can prove to be an excellent alternative for students not quite certain about a major or career path. In this time, the student can explore different possibilities in the forms of: internships, unique jobs, volunteering, mission trips, religious ministry opportunities, etc. For example, some excellent world wide missions and Christian evangelism training base schools that focus on community, self-discovery and identity, include: Thunder School in Nashville, TN, YWAMHillsong College and many more. 

These valuable years could be spent experiencing real-life applications to interests and generating authentic interest or disinterest in subjects. After these few years, students could then apply for university and know exactly what goal and direction they have in mind. Not to mention, it's always handy to save up a little extra cash for school on the front end while narrowing one's focus. 

5. Consider the Costs. 

Education is valuable, but is it worth years and years of debt? Unfortunately school in the twenty-first century is NOT CHEAP. According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2015-2016 year at private institution was $32,403, $9,410 for state residents, and $23,893 for out of state tuition at a public institution... For ONE YEAR. Tell me that is not ridiculously expensive!? 

consider the costs of education; 5 tips on how choose the right and best college out of high school

Thus, it is crucial to take college seriously and to know what you want and understand how you can get it. Planning out financially with your parents how much they can contribute,  how much you are expected to cover, and how much you can can obtain from scholarships and grants is especially helpful when determining a school. 

Sometimes, making certain accommodations such as living at home or attending community college for general ed. courses may be wise, frugal decisions that save in the long run. 

Well I hope this was insightful for you! Good luck on your college journey! 
Feel free to email me at emilyannephotoart@gmail.com and let me know your thoughts about this article, how it has helped your, or your own personal struggles and I would be delighted to hear. 

Love and Light Forever, 

Emily Anne 




Marcella's Portraits on Clinton Street in Nashville by Senior Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

Want to see a beautiful shoot of a stunning senior in High School?? Meet Marcella... Class of 2017 Top at Nashville School of the Arts. 

the best senior portrait photographer in nashville and franklin tn emily anne photography clinton street
top senior portrait photography nashville tn emily anne
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senior portrait photography in nashville brentwood and franklin tn emily anne


We shot at Watkins Park in Nashville as well as on Clinton St. near Provision International's Foundry and the Fortress on the corner of 16th. 

emily anne nashville artist and model actress photographer nashville tn natural

Marcella is passionate about music and theater arts and is a talented actress in the Nashville area herself! Look out... you may see her one day on Broadway. She's the best!! :) 

best senior portrait photographer nashville and franklin tn emily anne photography
Asiana's Stunning Senior Portraits Centennial High School Class of 2017
Senior portraits of Asiana. What can I say? She's beautiful, fun, adventurous and won he pageant for Ms. Williamson County this past year. &nbsp;We took these gorgeous pics at the Factory in Franklin.&nbsp;  She's truly such a natural in front of the camera.&nbsp;

Senior portraits of Asiana. What can I say? She's beautiful, fun, adventurous and won he pageant for Ms. Williamson County this past year.  We took these gorgeous pics at the Factory in Franklin. 

She's truly such a natural in front of the camera. 

top senior portrait photographer nashville
Look out world! Here comes a world-changer! Centennial High School graduate Class of 2017.&nbsp;  Loved shooting at the Factory in Franklin, TN. Wooded backdrops to curtain backdrops matched the style and character of Asiana perfectly.&nbsp;

Look out world! Here comes a world-changer! Centennial High School graduate Class of 2017. 

Loved shooting at the Factory in Franklin, TN. Wooded backdrops to curtain backdrops matched the style and character of Asiana perfectly. 

centennial high school senior photographer
top senior portrait photographer in brentwood franklin
the factory in franklin
best high school senior portrait photographer nashville brentwood franklin tennessee
high school senior portrait photographer based in nashville
franklin tn senior portrait photographer
best senior pics shot in franklin tn
top high school senior portrait photographer nashville brentwood franklin tennessee