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Urban Brazilian Model Lifestyle Portrait Shoot on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain by Portrait Photographer Emily Anne

What a super fun model photoshoot in the heart of Barcelona- otherwise known as Las Ramblas on a perfectly sunny day with beautiful Heloisa. 

stunning top portrait photographer Barcelona and Nashville Emily Anne Photo Art European Photographer model shots

Las Ramblas is a street in central Barcelona, popular with tourists and well known to the locals of Barcelona Spain. A tree-lined pedestrian mall, connecting Plaça de Catalunya in the centre with the Christopher Columbus Monument at Port Vell & was the perfect location for our sun drenched shoot! :) 

top model posing Barcelona Spain las ramblas by Nashville portrait photographer

Heloisa is absolutely stunning inside & out. Originally from Brazil, she moved here to Barcelona to study Spanish and work on business & design. She is extremely talented at all that she does & I cannot wait for what the future has in store for her as she continues to pursue her dreams. If you need any sort of business strategy/branding techniques- she's your gal!!

gorgeous sunlit backlit portraits las ramblas portrait wedding photographer Nashville and Barcelona Spain
She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.
— Proverbs 31:5
best wedding portrait photographer Barcelona Spain on las ramblas emily Anne photo art European photographer

One thing you won't find as much in Nashville as here in Barcelona is the tremendous amount of street art & graffiti. It really does photograph well though because it add more depth & dimension to the shots & that's one of the best things about Barcelona in my opinion- the street art. 

beautiful portraits shot on las ramblas Barcelona top tourist destination by portrait wedding photographer Espana Europe Emily Anne Photo Art

Heloisa, you are beautiful & I am so excited to see what you accomplish all in your future! 

top Brazilian European Barcelona photographer
Brittany's Breathtaking Senior Portraits In Franklin, TN - A Beautiful Actress & Professional Ballet Dancer in the Making Shot by Nashville Senior Portrait/Model Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

WOW. This beautiful young lady is INCREDIBLY talented!! Actress, dancer, model... what does Brittany NOT do?! This session was absolutely breathtaking! 

WATCH RIGHT HERE BELOW HER GORGEOUS MOVING PICTURE IN HIGH DEFINITION!!!! I get chills every time I start watching her dance to the music.  

best dance photographer in Nashville capturing live motion Emily Anne Photo Art

Wow, just wow... am I right!? Absolutely love this in air action shots of her in the streets of Downtown Franklin! 

top model/celebrity photographer Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art
spontaneous candid photoshoot in Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art
top model/dancer/actress photographer in Nashville and Franklin TN

I'm really so happy with how the outfits turned out, mix of classic rich & soft blues blues, skirts, black dress & the sunglasses are the perfect touch. 

modeling/senior portrait photography Emily Anne
stunning senior portraits by most sought after senior portrait photographer in Tennessee and Nashville Emily Anne Photo Art

Brittany does want to pursue some sort of career in the arts. I am confident, whether it is acting, singing, dancing, modeling she will do absolutely incredible!! 

breathtaking senior portraits by best senior portrait photographer in Franklin Brentwood and Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art

Here blue eyes against the soft greens <3 <3 <3 

most unique senior portrait ideas shot through ferns and grass in downtown Franklin

Brittany's smile could light up an entire room. In this moment she was looking at her dad who made her laugh throughout the whole shoot... so precious!! 

best smile in Nashville TN - model and senior photography girl dressed in blue

If you need a talented model or dancer for your next gig... Brittany is your gal!! 

urban/retro city portraits in the heart of Nashville TN surrounded by flowers Emily Anne Photo Art (photography) model photos
Unique Senior Portraits, Battle Ground Academy, Ensworth Senior Portrait Photographer

Anyone else a sucker for the absolute classics like Anne of Green Gables? Well, this shot of Brittany in the blue with the sun kissing her from behind and this lovely hat completely reminds me of a modern day Anne! I have a special place in my heart for Anne of Green Gables especially because it's part of my name and I do now say her infamous line, "It's Anne with an E." 

cute senior pics by Emily Anne Photo Art girl in golden field with cute hat!
jump for joy best dance photography in downtown Franklin TN Emily Anne Photo Art
Downtown Franklin/Nashville Model photography Emily Anne
fun senior pics outdoors in nature Franklin tn Emily Anne Photo Art (Photography)
classic black and white senior pics Emily Anne photo art (photography)

SOO beautiful Brittany!!! 

model photographer fiery red hair Nashville Emily Anne photography (photo art)
epic dance photography by Emily Anne photo art Nashville TN
Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are your comfort zone.
— George Shaw

I love this quote because it inspires us to keep moving forward and pushing past the hesitations and uncertainties of the future. Brittany, I am SO excited to see how your future unfolds as you embark on this new chapter of life & pursue your passions and discover more about who you were created to be. I look forward to seeing the next steps you take!! 

golden gorgeous sunset senior portraits like Anne of green gables by Emily Anne Photo Art
Brazilian Model Jen Ludi's Stunning Headshot/Modeling Photoshoot in 12th South Nashville - By Model Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

Jen is just an absolute treasure! As soon as you meet her, her warm smile lights up a room! 

Celebrity Photographer Emily Anne Wonder Woman inspired shoot; top modeling photographer in Nashville TN for AMAX, Dan Talent Group, Tribe by Emily Anne Photo Art

The most amazing thing is that she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. When she is not killing it on camera, you can find her caring for and rescuing elderly people in the cardiac ICU. 

celebrity photographer Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art
best model photographer in Nashville, Atlanta Georgia and Barcelona Spain Emily Anne Photo Art
how to pose a model; best images from modeling photoshoot Brazilian model by Top model photographer Emily Anne in Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella Spain and Nashville TN Travel Photographer
stellar, fantastic headshots for professional business, modeling, acting in Nashville, Atlanta GA or Barcelona Spain
gorgeous wardrobe inspiration from high fashion model/acting photographer Emily Anne Photo Art in Nashville, Atlanta and Barcelona Spain

This Brazilian beauty truly kicked this shoot out of the park!! 

breathtakingly gorgeous photography in 12th south the gulch 12th South best wedding/modeling photographer Emily Anne

AND, when she's not slaying it on camera or saving lives she likes to spend time with her family or exploring/traveling the world and around Europe!! Next time, I want to go with!! Sao Paulo Brazil, Athens, Greece, Barcelona, Spain... wherever. You name it, I'm there. :) 

model photographer Nashville TN, Barcelona Spain, Atlanta Georgia
Wonder Woman/grecian inspired photoshoot with model Jen Ludi by top Nashville/Barcelona/Atlanta Georgia Photographer Emily Anne

Also, not to mention, her wardrobe is top knotch! If you are looking to hire a model for your new clothing brand, commericial...anything, look no further than Jennifer Ludi! She's the one! :) 

modeling actress headshots in Nashville/Barcelona Spain and Atlanta Georgia by Top Photographer Emily Anne
beautiful inspiring headshots of Brazilian beauty Jen Ludi Barcelona Spain Photographer Emily Anne
cute poses for a gorgeous model; shot in 12th south Nashville tn
fun inspiring poses for models; top modeling agency photographer Nashville, Atlanta, Barcelona Spain Emily Anne Photo Art

Jen did an absolutely stellar job on this shoot and I look forward to hopefully working with her more in the near future! 

Classic Black and White Model/Headshot Wedding  Photography Nashville TN by best photographer Emily Anne Photo Art (photography)