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Brazilian Model Jen Ludi's Stunning Headshot/Modeling Photoshoot in 12th South Nashville - By Model Photographer Emily Anne Photo Art

Jen is just an absolute treasure! As soon as you meet her, her warm smile lights up a room! 

Celebrity Photographer Emily Anne Wonder Woman inspired shoot; top modeling photographer in Nashville TN for AMAX, Dan Talent Group, Tribe by Emily Anne Photo Art

The most amazing thing is that she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. When she is not killing it on camera, you can find her caring for and rescuing elderly people in the cardiac ICU. 

celebrity photographer Nashville TN Emily Anne Photo Art
best model photographer in Nashville, Atlanta Georgia and Barcelona Spain Emily Anne Photo Art
how to pose a model; best images from modeling photoshoot Brazilian model by Top model photographer Emily Anne in Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella Spain and Nashville TN Travel Photographer
stellar, fantastic headshots for professional business, modeling, acting in Nashville, Atlanta GA or Barcelona Spain
gorgeous wardrobe inspiration from high fashion model/acting photographer Emily Anne Photo Art in Nashville, Atlanta and Barcelona Spain

This Brazilian beauty truly kicked this shoot out of the park!! 

breathtakingly gorgeous photography in 12th south the gulch 12th South best wedding/modeling photographer Emily Anne

AND, when she's not slaying it on camera or saving lives she likes to spend time with her family or exploring/traveling the world and around Europe!! Next time, I want to go with!! Sao Paulo Brazil, Athens, Greece, Barcelona, Spain... wherever. You name it, I'm there. :) 

model photographer Nashville TN, Barcelona Spain, Atlanta Georgia
Wonder Woman/grecian inspired photoshoot with model Jen Ludi by top Nashville/Barcelona/Atlanta Georgia Photographer Emily Anne

Also, not to mention, her wardrobe is top knotch! If you are looking to hire a model for your new clothing brand, commericial...anything, look no further than Jennifer Ludi! She's the one! :) 

modeling actress headshots in Nashville/Barcelona Spain and Atlanta Georgia by Top Photographer Emily Anne
beautiful inspiring headshots of Brazilian beauty Jen Ludi Barcelona Spain Photographer Emily Anne
cute poses for a gorgeous model; shot in 12th south Nashville tn
fun inspiring poses for models; top modeling agency photographer Nashville, Atlanta, Barcelona Spain Emily Anne Photo Art

Jen did an absolutely stellar job on this shoot and I look forward to hopefully working with her more in the near future! 

Classic Black and White Model/Headshot Wedding  Photography Nashville TN by best photographer Emily Anne Photo Art (photography)