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The Best of Belgium Pt. 4: Things you Must Do - Visit Grand Plaza in Brussels By Nashville Barcelona Wedding & Portrait Photographer

The central plaza is worth seeing alone in Brussels - absolutely gorgeous with all the gold intricate designs of the town halls. 

Grand Place Central Market Town Hall of Brussels - Top places to visit in Belgium - Best of Belgium by Belgian Portrait & Wedding Photographer Emily Anne

If you visit during the winter, there are plenty of coffee shops & cozy restaurants all along the plaza to keep you warm & cozy. Also, there are more chocolate shops than you can even imagine. 

delicious cuberdon in central Brussels plaza town square by top food portrait photogrpaher Europe Belgium Barcelona Emily Anne Photo Art

Possibly the best-known non-chocolate Belgian sweet is this cone-shaped, purplish candy with a firm shell, called Cuberdon which shoots a burst of syrup in your mouth when you bite into it. The flavour is referred to as raspberry, but in reality the cuberdon has a taste all its own- very delicious and you must try. :) 

the best of Belgium: trying Cuberdon! super delicious gummies

Grand Plaza in Belgium is super beautiful & you must go and visit when you have the chance if you're there. However, of all of Belgium, I would say that my favorite city is probably Bruges, but next time I would love to see Ghent and Antwerp.  Well, there you have it! There's a little tour of Belgium for ya and hope you enjoyed! 

Love & light forever!