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An Unforgettable Adventure to Atlanta Georgia

A couple weeks ago, I ventured out on my first trip to Atlanta, GA. Needless to say, I had an absolute blast! I already want to go back haha:) I happened to stop through Chattanooga on my way down and that's never a mistake. Tennesee is beautiful. 

GORGEOUS Tennesee Chattanooga River Emily Anne Photo Art (Photography) best nature

My dear friend Elizabeth took me around town to these adorable vintage shops in Buckingham area. Check out this cute diner/coffee shop! They served gelato and definitely had some Italian vibes. Isn't it simply darling?! Unfortunately the place looked a lot better than the coffee actually tasted, but the company made it so much sweeter.☺️

cutest retro coffeeshop atlanta georgia with italian flare by Emily Anne Photo Art (Emily anne Photography) coffeeshop photographer

There were also tons of fancy retail stores as well as boutiques that were quite gorgeous to admire but a pretty penny.


boutique photography expensive places to shop atlanta georgia shot by best boutique photographer emily anne photo art (emily anne photography)

I absolutely love this quote by Pico Iyter, "We travel, initially to lose ourselves. We travel, next to find ourselves."  It's so true. Discovering new cities, places, flavors, sights enables me to discover new facets of myself.


pinterest worthy breakfast - emily anne photo art

Check out this breakfast of my dreams. Food may or may not be the way to my heart.  😜 

gorgeous downtown atlanta by atlanta photographer emily anne photo art photography

And Yeah Burger is now officially my new favorite burger place!!! Too bad we don't have one yet in Nashville. The lettuce wrap + garlic aoli sauce with sweet potato fries. 😍

yeah burger photography by emily anne photo art best food photographer nashville and atlanta

Most of all, what makes a new place special is the people. This girl is the bomb.com!! You should also check her out HERE on tumblr. She has an absolutely gorgeous, simplistic feed @simplessence. Also, you can check out the beautiful photoshoot we did in the cutest coffeeshop in Franklin TN HERE. 

pinterest worthy girl how to pose a model atlanta georgia, nashville tn

You know you got a good friend when you can both work hard & play hard together!  


emory university coffee shops emory university photographer
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