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Reflections of a Girl in a Franklin Coffeeshop

Took some time to rest and reflect at one of my most favorite coffee shops in Franklin TN, The CoffeeHouse on 2nd and bridge. 

It also just so happened to be perfect weather to sit outdoors. The air was so humid from the rain I could almost taste it and whisps of clouds painted the turquoise sky.  


I also happened to find these delightful little flowers that brought me so much joy! It truly is the little things in life that make life that much more exciting. Pink is definitely not my favorite color but laced and paired with my favorite shade of green, I found the flowers irresistible to capture. Haha I almost bumped into this girl walking behind me when I crouched down to get this pic haha! Worth it though.  


Had some time to myself to relax and quiet my mind. So necessary at times to truly BE and be present in a world filled with constant demands and tasks. Also, if you meet me in person, you're probably going to meet my new VANS shoes along with me ;) Pretty much obsessed with them because they are SO comfortable. 

Anyways, it was a delightful day!! Thanks for taking the time to stop by.:) 

Until next time,! 

Love & Light Forever, 


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